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Vaporization occurs when you heat a herbal product or oil up to release the vital active ingredients, but not reaching the temperature of combustion.This means it cuts out the cancer causing properties of other inhalation methods.

There is evidence to support vaporizing is far less harmful than other methods of inhalation. It is as fast acting as any other method, providing the desired relief within minutes.

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We keep an eye on the vaporizer world with a close interest.

We offer guides based on your budget, asthetic taste, and set-up. If you have over $100 to spend, we have our affordable, effective, ready out of the box vaporizers section made ready for you.

If you have under $100, you can still vaporize! If you own a waterpipe, then convert your waterpipe setup into a healthy vaporizer.

If you already own a heatgun and waterpipe, then check out vaporizer bowls.

Budget not an issue? then go for the Mercedez Benz in vaporizing. The Volcano.

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We hope this site proves a useful guide to vaporizers, vaporizing, and the healthy intake of medicinal herbs and oils.