Vaporizer Info

Vaporization occurs when essential oils are heated. The higher the temperature the faster the vaporisation happens. The essential oil does NOT need to be heated to its boiling point for this to work, but at its boiling point it will be most effective.

An analogy can be drawn with water. Water on its own will generally just sit there, slowly evaporating. Heat it up and it will evaporate faster. Boil it and it will come off very fast.

Take a hair dryer. If the hot air from a hair dryer was at the boiling point of water (100°C) then it would burn you, yet a hair dryer still dries your hair much faster than not using one. The flow of air also helps as it moves the water-vapour saturated air away to let more water evaporate. You can also see this happen when you blow on something to dry it.

The same principles can be applied to vaporizers. A moving flow of air over the herb encourages more essential oil to vaporize, and making the temperature of that flow of air near or at the boiling point of the essential oil means it is also being heated. Combining the two is the principle behind convection vaporizers.


  • Much more efficient than smoking
  • Much less harmful than smoking
  • The vapor tastes nicer
  • Vapor is a lot less of an annoyance to your throat