If you have the budget for one of the high-end vaporizers, get one. You will not regret it. The effectiveness of the Volcano Vaporizer is unmatched. It is efficient, has a quick warm-up time, variable temperature, and is very easy to use out of the box. It utilises a forced-air bag system, so one can […]

The Bubble is similar to vaporizers you can build yourself. It’s quite simple in design and does work, but it’s not the most efficient vaporizer possible. It’s best to use a candle as the heat source as it will use a lot of butane if you use a lighter. If you rotate the glass a […]

The American soldiering iron vaporizer. See our reviews of the master blaster or the blue meanie for more information. It is built on the same principles. Advantages Pretty decent price A Good purchase for people who don’t intake regularly Disadvantages Condensation may be an issue. Can be ineffecient at times Can burn herb products unintentionally

The Blue Meanie Vaporizer is fairly cheap at around £50 UK. It is a basic ‘soldering iron’ type vaporizer, and does what it says on the box, however, it has a tendency to get too hot sometimes. resulting in smoking. You have to be careful to monitor this vaporizer, it works, but isn’t the most […]

The Master Blaster is another ‘soldering iron‘ type vaporizer. Basic technology, it works, but is neither the most efficient or the most friendly to use. You have to be careful to monitor this vaporizer, it works, but isn’t the most efficient you can purchase. A good starter vaporizer for those who may not toke often. […]

The Happy Vappy is a direct inhalation vaporizer. It is efficient, effective and very discreet. The Happy Vappy has no awkward pieces or difficult to use parts. It retains an optimal temperature for vaporizing herbs, whereas some cheaper models can burn herbs which ruins the entire idea of vaporizing. The Happy Vappy is insulated very […]

VaporWarez manufacture an instant hot-air Vaporizer. They use a highly reliable ceramic encased heating element. The element is housed in a glass mount so that air is only in contact with both the ceramic element and glass. VaporWarez have removed any metal from the air stream to reduce harmful off gassing that may occur at […]

This is an upgrade of the bubble vaporizer: it’s kind of like a cross between the tube vaporizer and the bubble. It looks like a normal pipe, however you do not burn the contents, you heat the bubble part from underneath with a lighter or candle (saves butane!), and it will vaporize the contents. You […]

How It Works As with the Extreme Q, Arizer make absolutely certain that you are getting the cleanest, smoothest vaporizing experience out there by constructing their units from exceptionally high quality materials. Despite the fact that it does not have a balloon system like the newer model, it provides a very similar experience at an […]